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                          What’s included?

                          • Website, iPhone app, iPad app, Android app
                            Learn languages anywhere with FluentU
                          • Video Dictionary
                            Find video clips which include words that you look up
                          • Word Lookup on every word
                            With real-life examples written by native speakers
                          • Course, Videos, Audios, flashcard sets
                            Wide variety of content to keep you entertained and challenged
                          • Access all languages in one account
                            Learn Spanish, Chinese, French, English, Japanese, German, Korean, Russian, Italian in one account
                          • Personalized Quiz
                            The system creates quizzes for you based on the words you've learned
                          • Spaced Repetition
                            Review words which are ready for review according to our SRS algorithm
                          • Create Your Own Flashcards
                            Add any difficult words to your own flashcard sets

                          Reviews from Users

                          Süleyman ÖĞREKÇİ
                          I have tried most of the major competing apps and decided on FluentU. Because other apps just force me to memorize frequently used sentences and phrases like "hello", "how are you?", "where do you... Continue reading
                          Keith Robinson
                          The quiz sections are the most successful I've seen to integrate spaced learning of vocab, and not be bored out of your mind. The power of seeing an actor speak, hearing their pronunciation, and... Continue reading
                          Justin Jensen
                          I've been studying French for many years and I have been starting to study Spanish in the last year. Since I started using Fluentu, my language comprehension is developing so quickly that I finally... Continue reading
                          Vanessa Atances
                          I am loving FluentU. At first I was a little hesitant about the price, though I understood why the price was higher, since this was all done by a person. I figured I would try the free trial. After... Continue reading
                          Megan Holloran
                          In only 4 months, I've gotten to a comfortable A2 level in German thanks in large part to my practice on FluentU! I'm actually entertained by studying when I use it; it doesn't feel like work!
                          Frederick Calestini
                          I really like learning with the videos. I have studied using other methods and it was very hard to put what you were learning into context. With the videos, not only are you learning new vocabulary,... Continue reading
                          Joycelynn Hoagland
                          I love the videos that allow us to use our listening skills. The real life conversations force us to listen and try to understand the language coming at us. So very different, from knowing what to... Continue reading
                          I've learned a little Spanish vocabulary growing up in Texas, but not enough to speak it, by far. Within a week of working on this program I am able to form sentences. I find rote memorization to be... Continue reading
                          Rachel Hollars
                          I am enjoying FluentU. I have been using this site for a couple weeks and I have definitely noticed a huge improvement in my vocabulary. I love that it uses a lot of relevant clips like Norman fait... Continue reading
                          Katie Lehmann
                          I really like how interactive the website is! It's a bit like the program Rosetta Stone, but much easier and more fun. Another thing that I love about this program is that the videos give you an... Continue reading
                          Niel, Confused Laowai
                          I really really like the fact that the videos are real authentic videos. It makes it much more interesting. Learning Chinese almost becomes an afterthought to the fact that you are watching cool... Continue reading
                          Lisa Nicholson
                          It's the program I've always wanted, because when I try to watch Spanish clips on youtube a lot of the time the subtitles are wrong. Even if they're right, I always have to have google translate open... Continue reading
                          Duncan Orchard
                          I love that FluentU uses real content from a diverse range of French media sources and that both the French and English translation are given as subtitles. It's also incredibly convenient to be able... Continue reading
                          I just started taking a German course for a requirement for graduating college this summer, and this app has really helped a lot. It has a fantastic breakdown of the Grammar and truly understanding... Continue reading
                          Aileen Raquel Araúz
                          I love how I get to see videos, listen to music and learn about real and relevant aspects of the Chinese culture. I enjoy seeing faces in those videos of actors and people that I can recognize from... Continue reading
                          This app is great for ALL ages and it is efficient!! It lets you go at your own pace and there is no set dates that you have to do it!! It's awesome!! I've been learning Spanish with Fluentlu and... Continue reading
                          I love this app! It's a powerful language learning tool that is also fun. Short of true immersion and conversations with native speakers, watching and listening to French commercials, kids videos,... Continue reading
                          I like the design, it's simple and elegant. The content is extremely helpful. I was able to pronounce my first sentence in German after watching about 10 videos.
                          Tim Duehring
                          I have been trying to learn Mandarin for quite some time. I have tried a lot of programs but they all seemed to fall short somewhere and I would give up. FluentU's program has met all of the... Continue reading
                          I love that there are so many videos from different countries, and it helps you stay in touch with previous and current culture in Latin America and Spain while learning Spanish. Honestly this app is... Continue reading
                          Chris Child
                          Pairing word repetition with actual French speakers is more challenging and makes the language stick to a geezer brain like mine.
                          Alessio Cappelli
                          Fluentu is an amazing platform for learning languages! Its system is intelligent, intuitive and focused on the learner's real needs. The videos and their subtitles are the most amazing feature of the... Continue reading
                          Brett Slansky
                          The best thing about Fluentu is that I can watch content and see the subtitles. It's a much more efficient way to study and not only does it help me to understand what is being said, but also it... Continue reading
                          If you want to study Chinese, this is the app you've been looking for. There's something for everyone at every level. Studying Chinese particles can be a pain because they depend on context, but with... Continue reading
                          A great app. It is the best phone foreign language learning tool have ever experienced. Different levels, different situations. Vocabulary tools, well designed. Wish I had it 35 years ago when I... Continue reading
                          Kevin Hartigan
                          What helps me the most in FluentU is the video content. Being exposed to naturally-spoken Chinese is the best defense against a language growing rusty in my experience.
                          Jason P. Cochrane
                          Mandarin Chinese isn't really a language you can learn just from books; you need to hear the words in context over and over again before they finally sink in. Videos are great for that, and the... Continue reading
                          Before using this app, I placed out in my college curriculum for Chinese. Due to this (and my age), I have a year with no Chinese courses to take. I didn't want to lose my skills so I downloaded this... Continue reading
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